How the rise of out-of-hospital births puts mothers and babies at risk.

GateHouse Media and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune spent nine months investigating the out-of-hospital birth industry. Our team interviewed more than 100 mothers, midwives, physicians, attorneys, lawmakers and researchers. We read thousands of pages of disciplinary records, regulations, lawsuits and studies. We analyzed state and national birth and infant death data. We crisscrossed the country, visiting birth centers and hospitals, and even followed a mother through her home birth.


We created a multi-part digital package highlighting elements of the story through visuals and audio, chapter-like stories, interactive graphics, and three databases.


I cleaned the data and created the data visualizations, including a generative story for 50 states in a “madlib” style.

See the full story here.

The work done for GateHouse Media is proprietary. However, we are happy to share about the investigation and our methodology.

My largest contribution, the reporting on midwives for each state in America using a “madlib” style of generative reporting, can be viewed here.